The South Carolina Fraternity Lot

Welcome to the site of what the SEC NETWORK calls, "the best tailgate in the entire SEC". The Fraternity Lot is a 2.5 acre open field that hosts 21 of the University of South Carolina's finest fraternal organizations. Established in 2017 the Fraternity Lot has revolutionized and enhanced the way the undergraduate student population of the University of South Carolina celebrates game-day. The Fraternity Lot is a place where men and women from different organizations and different parts of the country come together to enjoy a traditional college game-day tailgate in a safe and secure environment. Our lot is a private one and with that being said all patrons wishing to enter our property must have a wristband. For men, a wristband may be acquired from an active brother of one of our lot's member fraternities. For women, a wristband may be purchased through our ticketing portal (located on this site). We hope you enjoy our lot and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Go Cocks!

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